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Cappadocia Cave Hotel, turki



 Hot Air Balloon Flight
A hot air balloon flight is different from all other experiences of flight. Traveling at heights up to 1500 feet you feel peaceful and tranquil, with no sensation of motion. Within moments after lifting off, you become at ease while you effortlessly drift over the treetops and the spectacular Cappadocian landscapes.
The deep canyons, lush fertile valleys and fairy chimneys of Cappadocia provide balloons with an ideal playground for a unique and memorable flight. Gentle winds carry you over places that could never be viewed except by balloon. Ballooning can be such fun! In season, you can even pick apricots from the trees.


Horseback Riding
Experience the incredible and unusual beauty of the Cappadocian region on horseback. A cross between the Grand Canyon and a moonscape, Cappadocia boasts some of the world?s most unusual and spectacular landscapes, and brings riders in touch with the area?s breathtaking beauty. Forget the tour buses or even the rental cars ? this astonishing region of Central Anatolia can best be explored in the way of its historical inhabitants, on horseback.


A ?Walking Tour? takes you into traditional village life of Central Cappadocia. Visiting local homes, engraved rock villages and exploring many spectacular unknown valleys will truly leave a lasting impression. You can walk through many valleys of Cappadocia that offer a variety of hiking experiences from one to four hours or more. Paths lead through vineyards and past streams, and all paths and hikes are accessible within five minutes? walk of Cappadocia Cave Suites.


If you are in the mood for an adventurous excursion, Cappadocia offers exciting and scenic cycling tours. This is a wonderful outing for those of all cycling abilities to enjoy. Do not forget that you don?t have to cycle for kilometers to visit a sight or museum. All of these important sites are very close to each other.


Jeep Safari
Explore the exotic surroundings of mystical Cappadocia by Jeep.After leaving Goreme, you arrive at old Cavusin Village, crossing between Kizilcukur and Gulludere Valleys. Then drive from Cavusin Village to Pasabag, which has fairy chimneys, and make one of many photo stops at Deverent Valley, where natural tufa formations resemble human and animal figures. Also, visit wineries in Urgup.
  • Local tours
  • Rent a car service
  • Find a professional guide for your local tours
  • Organization and reservations for a local Turkish night
Reservations for these activities may be made at the reception desk. Special discounts are available.

Prepared in our own kitchen, breakfast and dinner buffets include a rich variety of local delicacies and traditional items. Breakfast is served from 7:00 A.M. until 10:00 A.M. Dinner is served from 7:00 P.M. until 9:00 P.M. Lunch is available upon request.

The Historia Restaurant : The main restaurant reflects our interest in local foods and traditions. All products are carefully selected for their freshness. Recipes are selected for their authenticity. Menus are also available for individual selections.


Sunset Café : Wonderful valley and sunset views are visible from this terrace. Here, you can enjoy light menu choices and hors d?oeuvres.

Dionysos Wine Fountain : Chat with your friends while you drink from the delicious grapes of the Cappadocia region.

Sultan Bar : Accompanying our rich selection of music, you may find selective Cappadocian wines and domestic and international spirits and cocktails.

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