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Ariau Towers Hotel, Brazil


"Imagine a hotel built among Amazon treetops: catwalks 70 feet up leading from a great circular dining room of polished tropical woods, a bar like an eagle's nest, a honeymoon suite built 110 feet up a mahogany tree, and friendly monkeys, macaws, sloths, and parrots scampering, fluttering, and dangling all over the place."
Conde Nast Traveler Magazine "25 Extraordinary Places Worth That Extra Mile"

Ariau Newsletter, Jill Siegel

"After lunch our little international group pile into a motorized canoe with Ricardo our guide and we're off for the afternoon to explore the flooded forest. As we leave Ariau Creek and approach the Rio Negro, an indescribable feeling of vastness fills me with wonder as we approach the mouth of the Anavilhanas Archipelago, largest fresh water grouping of islands in the world. Here the river becomes an ocean at 17 miles from shore to shore. Pink dolphins splashing from the water create a magical landscape only equaled by a Peter Max painting. The sky seems to go on and on forever. We enter the flooded forest or igapo and the motor is turned off, and then the wonder of the rainforest explodes around us as we navigate the backwaters. The primordial forest, vines, lianas, bromeliads, butterflies. "This is why I came, it is all right in front of me. I have returned to the place I love."


History of Ariau Amazon Tours Hotel

"The war of the future will be between those who defend nature and those who destroy it. The Amazon will be in the eye of the hurricane. Scientists, politicians, and artists will land here to see what is being done to the forest". Jacques Cousteau's prophetic words to Ariau's founder Dr. Francisco Ritta Bernardino inspired the dream of Ariau into reality in 1986. He basically said "Build it and they will come!" and so he did. Dr. Ritta started building Ariau Amazon Towers in 1986 on the banks of the Rio Negro. From it's humble beginnings of just one tower and four suites, it has since become one of the most sought out destinations on the planet. Its guests have included luminaries as diverse as Prince Charles, Bill Gates, Susan Sarandon, and the Great Great Grandson of Charles Darwin. It's historic roots came full circle recently when Jean Michel Cousteau, son of the great Jacques Cousteau returned to Ariau to commemorate his father's earlier expedition in the Amazon.

  • Standard Rooms: Single, Double and Triple Rooms.

    Air Conditioned, Queen or Double Beds, Balcony, mini-bar, private bathroom.

    • Suites

      Higher up and affording spectacular views Ariau's Suites offer a spacious alternative for a more luxurious and comfortable stay in the rainforest. Private balconies with breathtaking panoramic views of the rainforest and river. Air Conditioned, mini-bar, dining table, Queen Beds.
      • Tree Houses & Tarzan Suites

        Get up close and personal with the lush flora and fauna of the Amazon Rainforest in a canopy level private tree house. Tree Houses feature private balconies, Queen Beds, living rooms, and spacious bathrooms.
        • Restaurants

          Two restaurants featuring Brazilian and regional specialties served buffet style including local Amazonian catch of the day, meat, chicken, pasta, fresh vegetables and salads, homemade bread, fresh Amazonian fruit juices and fruit, desserts. Four tree top bars.


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